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Workload Partition Management in IBM AIX Version 6.1

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 24 December 2008, updated 29 December 2008

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ISBN-10: 0738432075
ISBN-13: 9780738432076
IBM Form #: SG24-7656-00

Authors: Chris Almond, Shane Brandon, Anirban Chatterjee, Henning Gammelmark, Vijayasekhar Mekala, Liviu Rosca and Arindom Sanyal

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    Workload partition functionality, originally introduced in 2007 with the release of IBM AIX Version 6, is a strategic component of the IBM AIX Operating System. With the release of AIX V6.1 TL2 in November 2008, both the core functionality and features related to managing workload partitions have been improved and expanded.

    This IBM Redbooks publication provides an updated introduction and “how to” guide for system administrators and architects using workload partitions in AIX V6.1 TL2. It builds on the original concepts and practices described in the first Redbooks publication about this topic, Introduction to Workload Partition Management in IBM AIX Version 6.1, SG24-7431 , published in 2007.

    In AIX 6.2 TL2, significant enhancements to core workload partition functions and new features have been added. Some of the important feature updates provide more flexibility and support for enhanced mobility, improved isolation, and NIM integration. A new and significantly updated version of IBM Workload Partitions Manager for AIX (WPAR Manager), the Web browser-based graphical user interface for managing and monitoring WPARs, is also available. WPAR Manager is a platform management solution that provides a centralized point of control for managing WPARs across a collection of managed systems running AIX.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1. Introduction

    Chapter 1. Introduction to AIX workload partitions

    Chapter 2. Understanding and planning for workload partitions

    Part 2. Managing workload partitions

    Chapter 3. Functional overview of workload partitions

    Chapter 4. Overview of workload partition operations

    Chapter 5. Managing workload partitions

    Part 3. Advanced topics

    Chapter 6. Security in workload partition environments

    Chapter 7. Advanced configuration features

    Chapter 8. Resource control

    Chapter 9. Tracing and logging

    Chapter 10. Developer considerations


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