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Sun Solaris to IBM AIX 5L Migration: A Guide for System Administrators

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 17 April 2007

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ISBN-10: 0738489735
ISBN-13: 9780738489735
IBM Form #: SG24-7245-00

Authors: Chris Almond, Janis Byrd, Joseph Kiernan, Livio Teixeira Filho and Phill Rowbottom

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    The aim of this IBM Redbooks publication is to provide a technical reference for IT system administrators in organizations that are considering a migration from Sun Solaris to IBM AIX 5L-based systems. This book presents a system administrator view of the technical differences that exist and the methods that are necessary to complete a successful migration to AIX 5L-based systems.

    This book is designed primarily as a reference for experienced Sun Solaris 8 or 9 system administrators who will be working with AIX 5L. This book is not an AIX 5L administration how-to book for system administrators who are beginners, but rather a guide for experienced administrators who have to translate a given Solaris system administration task to AIX 5L.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1. Introduction

    Chapter 1. AIX 5L and Solaris: Approaches to administration

    Part 2. System administration differences

    Chapter 2. Introduction to IBM System p

    Chapter 3. Operating system installation

    Chapter 4. Disks and file systems

    Chapter 5. Software management

    Chapter 6. Device management

    Chapter 7. Network services

    Chapter 8. Boot and system initialization

    Chapter 9. Managing system resources

    Chapter 10. Printing services

    Chapter 11. Users and groups

    Chapter 12. Monitoring and performance

    Chapter 13. Security and hardening

    Chapter 14. Backup and restore

    Chapter 15. High availability and clustering overview

    Chapter 16. Troubleshooting

    Appendix A. Tasks reference

    Appendix B. Quick reference: Comparable commands and configuration files

    Appendix C. AIX 5L Object Data Manager


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