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Enhancing SAP by Using DB2 9 for z/OS

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 16 July 2007, updated 10 April 2009

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ISBN-10: 0738489026
ISBN-13: 9780738489025
IBM Form #: SG24-7239-00

Authors: Lydia Parziale, Hyun Baek, Javier Chavez, Vince Crose, Giovanni Grita, Theodor Kuebler, Georg Mayer, Heinz Ruflair, Mary Siart and Johannes Schuetzner

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    This IBM Redbooks publication presents many of the new and improved features and functions of DB2 V9.1 for z/OS and DB2 Connect V9.1. It explains how they complement and benefit your SAP NetWeaver environment. This book also shares some of our experiences in migrating our DB2 V8 SAP data sharing environment to DB2 9 for z/OS with a minimal amount of outage.

    This book is written for SAP and DB2 administrators. Knowledge of these products and of the z/OS environment is assumed.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. DB2 9 for z/OS new and improved functions overview

    Chapter 2. Facilitating DB2 subsystem cloning

    Chapter 3. New and enhanced data types

    Chapter 4. New and enhanced index capabilities

    Chapter 5. Reporting statistical data

    Chapter 6. Security

    Chapter 7. Optimized recovery

    Chapter 8. New functions for SAP high availability in DB2 9 for z/OS

    Chapter 9. DB2 Connect V9.1

    Chapter 10. SAP with System z Integrated Information Processor

    Chapter 11. Performance topics

    Chapter 12. New in SQL

    Chapter 13. Administration

    Chapter 14. Enhancements to manage and administer SAP on DB2 9 for z/OS

    Chapter 15. Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex

    Chapter 16. Benefits of DB2 9 for z/OS to SAP BI

    Appendix A. Migration technique

    Appendix B. Project test environment

    Appendix C. zIIP measurements

    Appendix D. Work file and temporary table space changes


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