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Deployment Guide Series: IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 29 December 2005, updated 26 January 2006

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ISBN-10: 0738494208
ISBN-13: 9780738494203
IBM Form #: SG24-7188-00

Authors: Vasfi Gucer and Ana Godoy

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    This IBM Redbooks publication focuses on the planning and deployment of IBM Tivoli Monitoring Version 6.1 in small to medium and large environments.

    The IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1 solution is the next generation of the IBM Tivoli family of products that help monitor and manage critical hardware and software in distributed environments. IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1 has emerged from the best of the IBM Tivoli Monitoring V5 and OMEGAMON technologies. Integration of these products makes a unique and comprehensive solution to monitor and manage both z/OS and distributed environments.

    IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1 is easily customizable and provides real-time and historical data that enables you to quickly diagnose and solve issues with the new GUI via the IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal component. This common, flexible, and easy-to-use browser interface helps users to quickly isolate and resolve potential performance problems.

    The target audience for this book is IT Specialists who will be working on new IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1 installations.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Architecture and planning

    Chapter 2. Demonstration, Proof of Concept, and small-size installation

    Chapter 3. Medium and large environment installation installation

    Chapter 4. Working with IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.1


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