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IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for Multiplatforms V2 Usage Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 12 February 2006

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ISBN-10: 0738496286
ISBN-13: 9780738496283
IBM Form #: SG24-7133-00

Authors: Whei-Jen Chen, Hiromichi Shinozaki, Kevin Taylor, Marcia Miskimen and Yasir Warraich

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    IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for Multiplatforms provides an enhanced data recovery solution that enables more precise recovery operations while reducing disruption during the recovery process. DB2 Recovery Expert creates and maintains additional recovery assets that you can use for intelligent analysis of both DB2 and DB2 Recovery Expert assets to find the most efficient recovery path. DB2 Recovery Expert facilitates the process of rebuilding your database assets, such as tables, indexes, and data, to a specified point-in-time, often without taking the database or the business operations offline.

    This IBM Redbooks publication shows you how to install and implement DB Recovery Expert and the Fast Backup and Grouper components. It also describes the DB2 Recovery Expert assets and how to manage these assets.

    In addition, this book explains the summary and detail reports of Log Analysis, including the DPF environment. It shows, in detailed examples, point-in-time recovery and cloning of tables, table spaces, and databases.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Introduction to DB2 Recovery Expert V2

    Chapter 2. Planning for recovery

    Chapter 3. Installing and configuring DB2 Recovery Expert

    Chapter 4. Creating and managing recovery assets

    Chapter 5. Log analysis

    Chapter 6. Backing out insert, update, and delete operations

    Chapter 7. Recovering dropped objects

    Chapter 8. Cloning a database, table space, or table

    Chapter 9. Fast Backup

    Chapter 10. Installing and using the DB2 Grouper component

    Appendix A. Sample applications

    Appendix B. Log Analysis reports

    Appendix C. Additional material


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