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DFSMShsm Fast Replication Technical Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 04 May 2015, updated 13 May 2015

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ISBN-10: 0738440647
ISBN-13: 9780738440644
IBM Form #: SG24-7069-02

Authors: Keith Winnard and Jeanne Vangsness

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    DFSMShsm fast replication provides DFSMShsm management for the use of volume-level fast replication. Fast replication is made possible by using the FlashCopy® capability of storage servers. With this capability, a set of storage groups can be defined as a copy pool. The volumes in this pool are processed collectively creating, by fast replication, backup versions that are managed by DFSMShsm.

    Recovery can be performed at the volume or copy pool level. This capability is designed to work specifically with DB2® Version 8 or later. With DFSMShsm fast replication, the backup and recovery of DB2 copy pools can be managed by DFSMShsm. DFSMShsm fast replication provides a quick, easy-to-use backup and recovery solution.

    This IBM® Redbooks® publication consists of a technical overview of the DFSMShsm fast replication function in z/OS® V1R12 Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS). It provides you with the information that you need to understand and evaluate the function, with practical implementation hints and tips.

    This book is written for storage professionals, database administrators, and system programmers who have experience with the components of DFSMS. It provides sufficient information for you to implement the DFSMShsm fast replication function in your storage environment.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. DFSMShsm fast replication overview

    Chapter 2. Planning for FRBACKUP

    Chapter 3. Storage management subsystem environment

    Chapter 4. DFSMSdss interface considerations

    Chapter 5. DFSMShsm fast replication commands

    Chapter 6. DFSMShsm fast replication security

    Chapter 7. Using DFSMSdss to back up copy pools

    Chapter 8. Using DFSMShsm fast replication

    Chapter 9. Using DFSMShsm fast replication in an environment outside of DB2

    Chapter 10. Reporting on the DFSMShsm fast replication environment

    Chapter 11. Error recovery and debugging

    Appendix A. Sample REXX execs


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