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WebSphere V5 for Linux on zSeries Connectivity Handbook

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 09 July 2004

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ISBN-10: 0738490342
ISBN-13: 9780738490342
IBM Form #: SG24-7042-00

Authors: Viviane Anavi-Chaput, Michael Rask Christensen, Joerg Haertel, Joerg Schmidbauer and Lynn Winkelbauer

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    This IBM Redbooks publication discusses Linux-based Java applications connecting to z/OS and VSE backend environments on zSeries. This book describes the implementation and deployment of Websphere Application Server, Java frontend applications, and the J2EE connectors needed on Linux for zSeries to connect to backend applications, such as CICS, IMS, DB2 and MQ on zSeries. This book explains the J2EE Connector architecture and provides the following comprehensive connector scenarios for connections to both z/OS and VSE backend environments:

    - CICS Transaction Gateway

    - IMS Connect

    - WebSphere MQ

    - JDBC to DB2

    - SOAP to CICS

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. J2EE connector architecture overview

    Chapter 2. Introducing the connectors test environment

    Chapter 3. The Trader applications

    Chapter 4. WebSphere Application Server setup

    Chapter 5. CICS J2EE connectors

    Chapter 6. Using SOAP to communicate with CICS

    Chapter 7. DB2 connectors

    Chapter 8. WebSphere MQ connectors

    Chapter 9. IMS J2EE connectors

    Chapter 10. VSE Java-based connector to access VSAM data

    Chapter 11. VSE Java-based connector to access DL/1 data

    Chapter 12. VSE VSAM Redirector connector

    Appendix A. VSE/ESA code samples

    Appendix B. Additional material


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