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WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries Version 5.1.2

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 05 May 2005

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ISBN-10: 0738490628
ISBN-13: 9780738490625
IBM Form #: SG24-6961-01

Authors: Aleksandr Nartovich, Wilfried Blankertz, Maggie Biggs, Mohamed Esmat, Estela McCarty, Jerry Sigwing and Claus Weiss

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    While the IBM WebFacing Tool is probably the most commonly known component of WDSc, there are many other tools combined into a single product. All those components together provide a complete workbench based on the Eclipse framework for the application developer for OS/400 or i5/OS. This IBM Redbooks publication discusses WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries V5.1.2 and WebSphere Development Studio Client Advanced Edition for iSeries V5.1.2. The Development Studio Client includes several powerful tools that are targeted to iSeries application developers:

    WebSphere Studio Site Developer or WebSphere Studio Application Developer

    iSeries-specific features, such as:

    - Remote Systems Explorer

    - IBM WebFacing Tool

    - Web Interaction Wizard

    - CoOperative Development Environment (CODE)

    - VisualAge RPG

    - Integrated iSeries debugger

    Table of Contents

    Part 1. WebSphere Development Studio Client

    Chapter 1. The iSeries Developer Roadmap

    Chapter 2. Creating applications for iSeries: A new set of tools

    Chapter 3. The Eclipse framework

    Chapter 4. Introduction to the sample applications

    Part 2. The Remote System Explorer and iSeries Projects

    Chapter 5. Managing your iSeries development resources using RSE

    Chapter 6. LPEX, the modern SEU plus much more

    Chapter 7. Offline, better structured application development with iSeries Projects

    Part 3. Bringing your OS/400 applications to the Web

    Chapter 8. Under the WebSphere umbrella

    Chapter 9. Web Development Tools in WDSc

    Chapter 10. Using IBM WebFacing Tool to create browser interface for a 5250 application

    Chapter 11. Enhancing the WebFacing applications

    Chapter 12. Advanced techniques for using the IBM WebFacing Tool

    Chapter 13. Building Web interactions with iSeries Web Tools

    Part 4. Testing and debugging

    Chapter 14. Debugging and testing options

    Part 5. Working with VisualAge RPG

    Chapter 15. Introduction to VisualAge RPG

    Appendix A. Additional material


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