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z/OS Version 1 Release 7 Implementation

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 26 January 2006, updated 01 February 2006

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ISBN-10: 0738494089
ISBN-13: 9780738494081
IBM Form #: SG24-6755-00

Authors: Paul Rogers, Thomas Gabert, Amr Khafagy, Lutz Kuehner, Luiz Maia, Marc Muntane, Diana Nakajima, Andre Pradier, Anthony Soares, Claudia Tomas and David Welch

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    This IBM Redbooks publication describes the new functions of z/OS Version 1 Release 7. These functions further strengthen the zSeries platform with enhancements designed to deliver increased availability of z/OS UNIX System Services (z/OS UNIX), to support new security standards, and to improve enterprise-wide workload management. Enhancements are made to the following areas:

    Application integration with enhancements to the zSeries File System (zFS)

    Enhanced security with Communications Server support for IP filtering, Internet Key Exchange (IKE), and Virtual Private network (VPN), without requiring the use of the Integrated Security Services Firewall Technologies

    Security Server (RACF) support for mixed-case passwords

    Improved availability with TCP/IP sysplex autonomics

    Greater scalability with support for sequential data sets larger than 65,535 tracks

    System Logger and XRC+ optimization of duplexing log data

    Greater ease of use with the IBM Health Checker for z/OS

    z/OS UNIX dynamic service activation and a new dynamic service activation function

    JES2 has checkpoint problem recovery and supports TCP/IP for NJE networking

    A new direct access device space management/Common VTOC Access Facility (DADSM/CVAF) device support address space starts during a system IPL

    IDCAMS FROMKEY/TOKEY support in REPRO MERGECAT is planned to help make it easier to move catalog entries from one catalog to another

    VSAM RLS 64-bit virtual can allow continued growth for applications using VSAM RLS

    DFSMShsm extends TTOC records to support more than 330,000 data sets per volume and support DFSMShsm journal data sets larger than 65,535 tracks

    DFSMSrmm supports data sets larger than 65,535 tracks for the journal, journal backup, and certain temporary data sets

    DFSMSdss exploits Format-1 Channel Command Words (CCWs) so that it can use storage obtained above the 16-MB line during EXCP processing

    Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD) Input Output Definition File (IODF) improvements

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. z/OS Version 1 Release 7

    Chapter 2. Migration to z/OS V1R7

    Chapter 3. z/OS V1R7 ServerPac enhancements

    Chapter 4. Extended status call and SAPI enhancements

    Chapter 5. JES2 V1R7 enhancements

    Chapter 6. WLM enhancements

    Chapter 7. SMP/E V3R4 enhancements

    Chapter 8. Health Checker for z/OS

    Chapter 9. z/OS UNIX for z/OS V1R7

    Chapter 10. DFSMS enhancements

    Chapter 11. Communications Server (CS) for z/OS V1R7

    Chapter 12. Networking with TCP/IP

    Chapter 13. Service aids

    Chapter 14. Console restructure

    Chapter 15. zFS enhancements

    Chapter 16. System Logger and XRC

    Chapter 17. ISPF enhancements

    Chapter 18. Device allocation and commands

    Chapter 19. Security Server RACF

    Chapter 20. IBM ported tools: OpenSSH enhancements

    Chapter 21. XES locking constraint relief

    Chapter 22. HCD/HCM enhancements

    Chapter 23. RMF enhancements in z/OS V1R7

    Chapter 24. SDSF enhancements

    Chapter 25. z/OS V1R7 I/O supervisor enhancements

    Chapter 26. Language Environment enhancements

    Appendix A. Sample code for the Subsystem Interface (SSI)

    Appendix B. Sample code of an IBM Healthchecker for z/OS check


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