Linux for IBM eServer zSeries and S/390: Distributions

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Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.

Published 20 September 2001

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ISBN-10: 0738423513
ISBN-13: 9780738423517
IBM Form #: SG24-6264-00
(580 pages)

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Authors: Michael MacIsaac, Ronald Annuss, Wolfgang Engel, Chris Gombola, Timothy Nunes, Mark Post, Don Stubbs, Egon Terwedow, Craig Vernon


This IBM Redbooks publication describes the Linux distributions available for the mainframe. It will help you to install, customize and maintain the following distributions:
-) SuSE Linux Enterprise Server for S/390
-) Turbolinux server for zSeries and S/390
-) Red Hat Linux for S/390
-) Marist File System
-) Caiman Linux
-) Think Blue Linux
We address installation and usage of Linux images on a logical partition (LPAR), under z/VM, and under the Virtual Image Facility (VIF). The following topics are also discussed:
-) Managing DASD and file systems
-) Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
-) High Availability
-) Debugging
-) Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
-) Systems management
-) Security
-) Backup and restore
-) DB2
-) WebSphere Application Server

Table of contents

Part 1. Linux overview
Ch 1. Overview
Ch 2. Planning for Linux
Ch.3. Preparation
Part 2. Strategic Linux distributions
Ch 4. Overview of SuSE Linux
Ch 5. Installing SuSE Linux
Ch 6. Customizing and using SuSE Linux
Ch 7. Overview of Turbolinux
Ch 8. Installing Turbolinux
Ch 9. Customizing and using Turbolinux
Ch 10. Overview of Red Hat Linux
Ch 11. Installing Red Hat Linux
Ch 12. Customizing and using Red Hat Linux
Part 3. Other distributions
Ch 13. The Marist File System
Ch 14. Caiman Linux for zSeries
Ch 15. Think Blue 64 Linux for zSeries
Part 4. Other topics
Ch 16. VIF
Ch 17. Logical Volume Manager
Ch 18. High Availability using clusters
Ch 19. Debugging and problem diagnosis
Ch 20. LDAP
Ch 21. System management tools
Ch 22. Security
Ch 23. Backup and restore
Ch 24. DB2
Ch 25. WebSphere Application Server
Ch 26. Conclusion
App A. Commands and other references
App B. Parameter file values
App C. Customizing Linux checklist
App D. 64-bit Linux
App E.ICKDSF bootstrap job

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