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AIX 5L Performance Tools Handbook

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 11 August 2003

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ISBN-10: 0738499765
ISBN-13: 9780738499765
IBM Form #: SG24-6039-01

Authors: Budi Darmawan, Charles Kamers, Hennie Pienaar and Janet Shiu

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    This IBM Redbooks publication takes an insightful look at the performance monitoring and tuning tools that are provided with AIX 5L. It discusses the use of the tools as well as the interpretation of the results in many examples.

    This book is meant as a reference for system administrators and AIX technical support professionals so they can use the performance tools efficiently and interpret the outputs when analyzing AIX system performance.

    A general concept and introduction to the tools is presented to introduce the reader to the process of AIX performance analysis.

    The individual performance tools discussed in this book fall into these categories:

    - Multi-resource monitoring and tuning tools

    - CPU-related performance tools

    - Memory-related performance tools

    - Disk I/O-related performance tools

    - Network-related performance tools

    - Performance tracing tools

    - Additional performance topics, including performance monitoring API, Workload Manager tools, and performance toolbox for AIX.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1. AIX 5L performance tools

    Chapter 1. Introduction to AIX performance monitoring and tuning

    Chapter 2. Getting started

    Part 2. Multi-resource monitoring and tuning tools

    Chapter 3. The fdpr command

    Chapter 4. The iostat command

    Chapter 5. The netpmon command

    Chapter 6. Performance Diagnostic Tool (PDT)

    Chapter 7. The perfpmr command

    Chapter 8. The ps command

    Chapter 9. The sar command

    Chapter 10. The schedo and schedtune commands

    Chapter 11. The topas command

    Chapter 12. The truss command

    Chapter 13. The vmstat command

    Chapter 14. The vmo, ioo, and vmtune commands

    Chapter 15. Kernel tunables commands

    Chapter 16. Process-related commands

    Part 3. CPU-related performance tools

    Chapter 17. The alstat and emstat commands

    Chapter 18. The bindintcpu and bindprocessor commands

    Chapter 19. The gprof, pprof, prof, and tprof commands

    Chapter 20. The nice and renice commands

    Chapter 21. The time and timex commands

    Part 4. Memory-related performance tools

    Chapter 22. The ipcs command

    Chapter 23. The rmss command

    Chapter 24. The svmon command

    Part 5. Disk I/OÐrelated performance tools

    Chapter 25. The filemon command

    Chapter 26. The fileplace command

    Chapter 27. The lslv, lspv, and lsvg commands

    Chapter 28. The lvmstat command

    Part 6. Network-related performance tools

    Chapter 29. The atmstat, entstat, estat, fddistat, and tokstat commands

    Chapter 30. TCP/IP packet tracing tools

    Chapter 31. The netstat command

    Chapter 32. The nfso command

    Chapter 33. The nfsstat command

    Chapter 34. The no command

    Part 7. Tracing performance problems

    Chapter 35. The curt command

    Chapter 36. The gennames, genld, genkld, genkex, and gensyms commands

    Chapter 37. The locktrace command

    Chapter 38. The stripnm command

    Chapter 39. The splat command

    Chapter 40. The trace, trcnm, and trcrpt commands

    Part 8. Additional performance topics

    Chapter 41. APIs for performance monitoring

    Chapter 42. Workload Manager tools

    Chapter 43. Performance Toolbox Version 3 for AIX

    Appendix A. Source code examples

    Appendix B. Trace hooks


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