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Servlet and JSP Programming with IBM WebSphere Studio and VisualAge for Java

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 16 May 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738416088
ISBN-13: 9780738416083
IBM Form #: SG24-5755-00

Authors: Ueli Wahli, Mitch Fielding, Gareth Mackown, Deborah Shaddon and Gert Hekkenberg

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    Note: This book was published in 2000 and covers the JSP 1.0, Servlet 2.1 and EJB 1.0 specifications. For more up-to-date programming information, please refer to the following:

    This IBM Redbooks publication provides you with sufficient information to effectively use the WebSphere and VisualAge for Java environments to create, manage and deploy Web-based applications using methodologies centered around servlet, JavaServer Pages, and JavaBean architectures.

    In Part 1 we describe the products used in our environment and provide instruction on product installation and configuration. Following this, we cover servlet and JSP programming, which provide you with both a theoretical and practical understanding of these components, together with working examples of the concepts described. For execution of the sample code, we provide information on configuring the WebSphere Application Server and deploying and running the sample Web applications in WebSphere. Using the knowledge developed in these chapters, we then provide detailed information on the development environments offered by VisualAge for Java and WebSphere Studio. These chapters assist you in using the features offered by these tools, such as integrated debugging, the WebSphere Test Environment, Studio Wizards, and publishing of Web site resources. We also describe how Rational's ClearCase product can be integrated with our environment for Software Configuration Management.

    In Part 2 we describe the Pattern Development Kit sample application, including installation, configuration, and operation. We also discuss the application's use of Patterns for e-business, which presents information on some of the design decisions employed when creating the application.

    This book is intended to be read by anyone who requires both introductory and detailed information on software development in the WebSphere environment using servlets and JavaServer Pages. We assume that you have a good understanding of Java and some knowledge of HTML.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1. Web Application Development

    Chapter 1. Environment Overview

    Chapter 2. Product Overview

    Chapter 3. Product Installation

    Chapter 4. Servlets

    Chapter 5. JavaServer Pages

    Chapter 6. WebSphere Application Server

    Chapter 7. Development and Testing with VisualAge for Java

    Chapter 8. Development with WebSphere Studio

    Chapter 9. Software Configuration Management

    Chapter 10. Web Application Design with Servlets and JSPs

    Part 2. Pattern Development Kit: A Sample Application

    Chapter 11. Pattern Development Kit Overview

    Chapter 12. Using Patterns for e-business to build the PDK

    Chapter 13. Running the PDK in WebSphere Application Server

    Chapter 14. Running the PDK in VisualAge for Java

    Chapter 15. Developing the PDK using WebSphere Studio

    Appendix A. JSP Tag Syntax

    Appendix B. Utility Servlet and Utility JSP

    Appendix C. Using the additional material


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