CA-ACF2 to OS/390 Security Server Migration Guide

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Published 11 October 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738418927
ISBN-13: 9780738418926
IBM Form #: SG24-5678-00
(154 pages)

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Authors: Paul de Graaff


CA-ACF2 and the OS/390 Security Server are both sophisticated products. In some areas their designs are similar, and in other areas the designs are very different. Planning a migration from CA-ACF2 to the RACF element of the OS/390 Security Server, without unduly disrupting an OS/390 production environment, requires considerable planning and understanding. With proper planning, and perhaps with specially skilled people to assist in certain areas, the migration can usually be accomplished in an orderly way.
Understanding the higher-level issues and differences between the two products is an important starting point. This IBM Redbooks publication is intended to assist in this area.

Table of contents

Ch. 1 The value of the SecureWay Security Server for OS/390
Ch. 2 SecureWay Security Server for S/390
Ch. 3 RACF overview
Ch. 4 CA-ACF2 overview
Ch. 5 RACF migration project overview
Ch. 6 Database migration
Ch. 7 Administration and maintenance
App. A IBM Migration Services
App. B Security policy considerations
App. C Frequently asked questions

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