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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Implementation Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 14 June 2006, updated 21 December 2007

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ISBN-10: 0738497037
ISBN-13: 9780738497037
IBM Form #: SG24-5416-03

Authors: Charlotte Brooks, Peter McFarlane, Norbert Pott, Eduardo Tomaz and Martin Trcka

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    This IBM Redbooks publication describes how to integrate, install, configure, and operate the very latest IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Release 5.3 in heterogeneous environments.

    You will learn how to implement and operate IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. You should already have a conceptual understanding of Tivoli Storage Manager. We show you how to set up and implement the software, covering basic and advanced topics for Windows, AIX, and Linux based operating system platforms.

    We demonstrate how to handle all important tasks to protect your business: planning, client and server installation, operations, performance considerations, SAN environments, NDMP, as well as explaining many more features. This practical guide is intended for the following audiences: system administrators new to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager who are asked to commence a basic IBM Tivoli Storage Manager implementation for the very first time, and administrators who want to learn more about the basic and advanced components and their implementation.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1. Introduction

    Chapter 1. Implementation checklists

    Chapter 2. Implementation planning

    Part 2. Installation

    Chapter 3. Server installation

    Chapter 4. Backup-archive client installation

    Chapter 5. Database and recovery log

    Chapter 6. Data storage

    Chapter 7. Data storage policies

    Chapter 8. Managing Tivoli Storage Manager

    Chapter 9. Licensing

    Chapter 10. Administrative client

    Part 3. Operational details

    Chapter 11. Client operations

    Chapter 12. Scheduling

    Chapter 13. Routine tasks

    Chapter 14. Advanced operations

    Chapter 15. Performance considerations

    Part 4. Advanced topics

    Chapter 16. Leveraging SAN environments

    Chapter 17. Server-free data movement

    Chapter 18. Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)

    Chapter 19. Disaster Recovery Manager

    Chapter 20. Bare Machine Recovery

    Chapter 21. Data Protection configuration on the server

    Chapter 22. Tivoli Storage Manager upgrade considerations

    Appendix A. Planning and sizing worksheets

    Appendix B. Book support material: macros and scripts


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