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Experiences with Migrating Oracle to OS/390

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 30 June 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738410179
ISBN-13: 9780738410173
IBM Form #: SG24-4981-00

Authors: Kathryn Arrell

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    This IBM Redbooks publication helps you to do the following:

    Upgrade an Oracle database from Oracle7 on S/390 to Oracle8 on S/390 using the Oracle Migration utility

    Migrate an Oracle database from a UNIX platform to OS/390 using the Oracle Export/Import utilities

    Upgrade Oracle Applications from 10.7 NCA to Release 11 NCA

    Install Oracle8i Release 8.1.5 on OS/390

    This book will be useful to those migrating a database to Oracle on OS/390 for the first time.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Overview

    Chapter 2. Using the Oracle Migration utility on OS/390

    Chapter 3. Planning for use of the Migration utility

    Chapter 4. Moving an Oracle database from UNIX or NT to S/390

    Chapter 5. Using the Export/Import utilities

    Chapter 6. Choosing Export/Import parameters

    Chapter 7. Using the OS/390 Oracle Export/Import utilities

    Chapter 8. Upgrading Oracle Applications from 10.7 to 11

    Chapter 9. Another example using the Export/Import utilities

    Appendix A. Problems encountered

    Appendix B. Running the export/import utilities interactively

    Appendix C. Installing the Oracle8i Database on OS/390

    Appendix D. Configuring Net8


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