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Securing Your Mobile Mainframe



Published on 29 December 2015

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ISBN-10: 0738454885
ISBN-13: 9780738454887
IBM Form #: REDP-5176-01

Authors: Wilhelm Mild , Martina von dem Bussche and Robert L. Kennedy

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    To achieve business goals today, Systems of Record (SoR) that are serving transactional and data services must interface with Systems of Engagement (SoE) that are increasingly represented by mobile devices. System security and integrity is an IBM commitment and a focus for this Point of View.

    This document is for businesses that are interested in end-to-end security from the mobile device to the transactional end point.

    The following critical topics are covered:

    - Secured mobile transaction challenges

    - The mainframe as the backbone for secure mobile workloads

    - The four pillars of security

    - End-to-end security for a typical mobile application

    - Customer examples

    Table of Contents

    Security challenges evolve, and so does the security environment with IBM z Systems

    Mobile is changing mainframe security challenges

    Why the mainframe is the backbone for secure mobile workloads

    What's next: How IBM can help


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