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Smarter Infrastructure: Thoughts On Big Data and Analytics, A selection of posts published on the IBM Smarter Computing blog



Published on 08 May 2015

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IBM Form #: REDP-5161-00

Authors: Aslan Turgut Dr., Karen Broecker, Niek De Greef, Paul DiMarzio, Renato Stotfalette Joao, Philippe Lamarche, Catherine Nicholson, Siobhan Nicholson and Dr. Linton Ward

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    This IBM® Redblook publication is a collection of selected posts that are published on the IBM Smarter Computing blog ( The Smarter Computing blog is the IBM official smarter computing or smarter infrastructure blog, contributed to by IBM specialists worldwide. Most of the authors have hands on experience implementing smarter computing solutions for various industries and on various IBM system platforms. The goal of the blog is to provide readers with a forum to discuss and debate the following smarter computing and smarter infrastructure topics:

    • Big data and analytics
    • Cloud infrastructure
    • Data security
    • Enterprise systems
    • Power systems
    • Smarter storage
    • Software-Defined Environment
    • System optimization

    This paper focuses on one aspect of a smarter infrastructure, which is big data and analytics.

    Table of Contents

    Big data and the use of analytics on that data

    Big data in real life solutions

    Security of the data

    How IBM systems are well suited for big data and analytics


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