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Get Control of Your Cloud with IBM Cloud Orchestrator and Juniper Networks Contrail



Published on 09 December 2014

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IBM Form #: REDP-5125-00

Authors: Bill White

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    Many organizations need the flexibility, security, and control that a private cloud offers, but they do not want the complexity or expenses that accompany many of today's cloud implementations. In addition, many CSPs are unsure how to most effectively and cost-efficiently address the challenge of implementing promising new virtual network capability into their multivendor physical network at scale.

    IBM Cloud Orchestrator can help organizations react quickly to changing demands, scale resources dynamically, and accelerate performance across diverse applications, infrastructure, and management tools. At the same time, Juniper Networks Contrail is delivering the industry’s first truly open, modular, standards-based software solution that is capable of seamlessly blending existing physical infrastructure and virtualized network functions in the service provider edge network as well as the data center.

    The combination of these two technological advances, deployed in tandem, can support multiple delivery models, platforms, and workload types. This helps to minimize risk and deliver value for the long term, providing both agility and cost savings (CapEx and OpEx) to service providers.

    This IBM® Redguide™ publication discusses the business value and cost benefits of the IBM Cloud Orchestrator/Juniper Networks Contrail solution.

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