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Unlock Big Value in Big Data with Analytics

An IBM Redpaper publication


Published on 31 May 2013, updated 03 June 2013

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IBM Form #: REDP-5026-00

Authors: John Hagerty and Tina Groves

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    Big data expands and evolves analytics that were not previously possible because of lack of available information, technology limitation, or prohibitive cost. Companies that extend analytics to big data can:

    • Gain more complete answers and create new perspectives by relating and analyzing all sources of data
    • Make better business decisions by anticipating business outcomes and uncovering hidden patterns and relationships across all sources of data
    • Uncover new opportunities and enable new business models by differentiating customer service or reducing operating costs

    Big data encompasses more than analytics. It represents a full ecosystem around gathering information from many sources, preparing that information for use, processing the information to derive insight, and then delivering that insight throughout the enterprise. But how do you move beyond the hype to realize the value of big data?

    This IBM® Redbooks® Point-of-View publication identifies the key questions you need to address to capitalize on your big data needs.

    Table of Contents


    How Big Data Expands Business Analytics Capabilities


    [<li>]Deliver more complete answers and new insights

    [<li>]Improve processes and performance

    [<li>]Create new business models and differentiated services



    [<li>]Where to Start: Building the business case

    [<li>]High value analyses or reports that are hard to update due to manual steps

    [<li>]Outcomes requiring cross-functional or inter-departmental views

    [<li>]Monitoring related to risk or safety such as employee fatigue

    [<li>]Coordinating business processes that involve multiple systems


    Checklist for Success

    Next Steps


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