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IBM XIV Storage System: IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility Overview and Usage

An IBM Redpaper publication


Published on 10 June 2013, updated 24 June 2013

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ISBN-10: 0738451037
ISBN-13: 9780738451039
IBM Form #: REDP-5007-00

Authors: Bertrand Dufrasne, Christian Burns, Guenter Rebmann, Hank Sautter and Jim Sedgwick

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    IBM® Hyper-Scale introduces two major new technologies, both implemented in the IBM XIV® Storage System (Gen3 models):

    • The first is IBM Hyper-Scale Manager, a flexible, consolidated multi-system management application that was originally released in October 2012 as “Multi-System Manager”. IBM Hyper-Scale Manager is based on and seamlessly integrated with the XIV GUI and spans multiple XIV systems.
    • The second new technology, IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility, is the topic of this publication. It is a powerful function for moving volumes between storage containers transparently, with no disruption to host applications.

    IBM Hyper-Scale helps you easily overcome provisioning scenarios that normally challenge traditional systems. IBM Hyper-Scale can accommodate several critical customer scenarios for data mobility, load balancing, over-provisioning, and storage system repurposing.

    This IBM Redpaper™ publication provides a broad understanding of the IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility feature. The paper describes the IBM Hyper-Scale architecture and includes detailed step by step scenarios that illustrate the online volume migration process, both from the XIV GUI and the XIV Command-Line Interface (XCLI).

    This publication is intended for XIV customers and users who want a practical understanding of IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility concepts and usage.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility architecture and design

    Chapter 2. Using IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility


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