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Connecting Your Business to the Multichannel Customer with freedomone and IBM Worklight



Published on 28 February 2013

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IBM Form #: REDP-4986-00

Authors: Paul Pierre Samson, David Dougherty, Ed Grossman and Steve Hellin

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    Many businesses are facing communication challenges that are caused by the explosive growth of digital channels available to their customers. The choice of channels that is available to customers ranges from mobile devices to social networks. A cohesive business strategy to engage customers in moments of opportunity must include technology assets that enable the company to communicate interactively and contextually with today’s multichannel customer.

    freedomone is an integrated communication platform that connects your business to the multichannel customer. It integrates with your enterprise systems, connects with your customers’ preferred digital channels, and captures all relevant data that enables your business to leap forward. IBM® Worklight provides an open, comprehensive, and advanced mobile application platform that helps you to efficiently develop, run, and manage hybrid and basic applications. With the combination of these two solutions, you can give your customers the ability to choose how they interact with your business.

    This IBM Redguide™ publication is for C-level executives who are responsible for marketing and IT. This guide demonstrates how freedomone and IBM Worklight connect your business to the multichannel customer. The guide explains how the combination and integration of these robust solutions can help enhance your value proposition, today, and for the future. This guide provides information about how you can achieve the following goals:

    • Interact in real time with your multichannel customers.
    • Integrate your business systems with all available digital channels.
    • Engage your customers with their preferred communication channels or communication options.
    • Create and maintain rich context-aware customer experiences.
    • Capitalize on your analytics investments by using rich data values.

    Table of Contents

    Executive overview

    Business challenges

    Business value of freedomone, a multichannel communication platform

    About the freedomone platform

    The freedomone and IBM Worklight integrated value proposition



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