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IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities

An IBM Redpaper publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 20 November 2012

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IBM Form #: REDP-4939-00

Authors: Pam Nesbitt

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    Acting effectively in today’s world involves rapidly assimilating information from many sources, making decisions quickly, and acting in a maximally efficient manner. IBM® Intelligent Operations Center was created with precisely this model as its base. It is tailored to provide city and enterprise leaders with accessible operational and progress metrics and statuses. It integrates disparate and older systems into one engine that can simplify inputs, providing a complete overview of the enterprise or city and ensuring that the correct people are alerted to anything out of the ordinary, extreme, or important. It can kick off workflows and situation management, text you when you must know something, or provide real-time situational analysis and tracking as you work through day to day issues.

    The flexibility of IBM Intelligent Operations Center means that you can integrate multiple systems into one interface, removing the need to view several interfaces at once and reducing the possibility of human error. The analytics engine that drives IBM Intelligent Operations Center means that all the information received is analyzed, processed, and stored so that insights are presented rather than volumes of data. You see what is important to you.

    Under the current environment of economic uncertainty, it is imperative to work smarter and do more with less. This statement especially applies to cities where budgets are stretched thin and where a lack of the appropriate infrastructure can cost lives. IBM Smarter Cities® must use information, anticipate problems, and coordinate resources. IBM Intelligent Operations Center provides a unified view of city agencies and processes, where you can predict events that affect the city and to respond in a rapid and efficient manner.

    This IBM Redpaper™ publication introduces the IBM Intelligent Operations Center and provides an introduction to its features, benefits, and architecture. This information is intended for city officials and IT architects that must understand the business value of IBM Intelligent Operations Center.

    For additional information about the IBM Intelligent Operations Center, see the IBM Redbooks publication IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities Administration Guide", SG24-8061

    Table of Contents

    What a Smarter City is

    What IBM Intelligent Operations Center is

    Solution overview

    Typical flow

    Solution archietecture

    Usage scenarios

    New features of IBM Intelligent Operations Center V1.5

    Supported platforms

    Ordering information

    Related information


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