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IBM SmartCloud: Becoming a Cloud Service Provider



Published on 13 December 2012

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ISBN-10: 0738438057
ISBN-13: 9780738438054
IBM Form #: REDP-4912-00

Authors: Joe McIntyre

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    Cloud computing opens a broad range of business opportunities across the computing industry and enables companies in other industries to provide services to their employees, customers, and partners. Cloud computing provides a compelling approach to addressing this opportunity. The IBM® SmartCloud™ for Service Providers portfolio can dramatically lower the business and technical barriers of entry to cloud computing.

    Companies rely on their business applications and systems as an integral part of their business. They can expand the business value of their applications and systems by using cloud computing to enable delivery of these functions as services. Companies have various options when adopting cloud computing. They can:

    • Use existing service providers to operate services on their behalf.
    • Implement hybrid solutions that extend existing applications through integration with cloud services.
    • Add cloud service hosting capability to their existing facilities.

    For ecosystem partners, cloud computing provides compelling capabilities that ease deployment and long term management and maintenance. Equally important, cloud computing facilitates a more flexible business and technical environment. This environment can expand, contract, and adapt as services are added, removed, and evolve. The cloud replaces physical activity associated with change and change management by creating a fluid environment that adapts through automation.

    This IBM Redguide™ publication describes the business and technology choices companies make when entering the cloud service provider space. It introduces various cloud service provider business models and shows how to apply them to your business. This guide introduces the IBM CCRA cloud service provider adoption pattern, providing guidance about the definition, architecture, and deployment of cloud computing environments. Two cloud service provider deployment scenarios are highlighted throughout the guide, and they reflect the two most common starting points for service providers entering the cloud computing marketplace. The guide culminates with details about these deployment scenarios, and showing how they can be deployed today.

    Table of Contents

    Executive overview

    The cloud service provider business

    General cloud service provider business models

    A solution that enables many business models

    IBM cloud computing solution

    Creating a plan to implement your cloud computing solution

    IBM cloud service provider solutions

    Cloud service provider deployment scenarios



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