Bringing PHP to Your IBM eServer iSeries Server

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Published 29 January 2003, updated 30 April 2003

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IBM Form #: REDP-3639-00

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Authors: Brian Smith, David Larson, Bryan Logan, Tim Massaro, Heiko Mueller


Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a powerful server-side scripting language for the Apache Web server. PHP is popular for its ability to process database information and create dynamic Web pages. Server-side refers to the fact that PHP language statements, which are included directly in your HTML, are processed by the Web server. Scripting language means that PHP is not compiled. Since the results of processing PHP language statements is standard HTML, PHP-generated Web pages are quick to display and are compatible with most all Web browsers and platforms. PHP is for the open source Apache community as Net.Data® is for the IBM® community.

To "run" PHP scripts with your HTTP Server (powered by Apache), a PHP engine is required on your IBM eSrver iSeries server. The PHP engine is an open source product, so this IBM Redpaper demonstrates the process to download, compile, install, and then configure PHP on your iSeries. It explains how to install versions 4.3.0 and the older version 4.2.2 of PHP.

The PHP engine is available both as an Apache module and a CGI-BIN. Support for PHP as a module is not yet available for OS/400®. The step-by-step implementation discussed in this Redpaper involves the CGI version of PHP running in OS/400 Portable Application Solutions Environment (PASE). This allows you to run AIX® binaries directly on an iSeries. It includes the necessary patches for the minor modifications needed to the PHP source code.

Note: PHP is not supported on the iSeries by IBM. We have provided these instructions for you to be able to download a public domain open-source copy of a PHP engine to allow you to run PHP scripts on the iSeries.

Table of contents

Programming with PHP on the iSeries server
Installation instructions
Compiling (make)
Testing PHP
Configuring HTTP Server (powered by Apache) to use PHP
Creating a sample database
PHP 4.2.2 errata
The team that wrote this Redpaper

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