Zero to Cognitive

An IBM Redbooks video course

by Bob Dill

This video series lets anyone get started easily with IBM Bluemix and the IBM Watson services, developed and presented by IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO Bob Dill. This twelve part video series lets you learn how to build cognitive applications using the IBM Bluemix Cloud.

Target audience

  • Application developers interested to learn how to build cognitive applications.

Materials students need for the course

Chapter 01
The Story

The story and architecture for what we'll build, quickly and in small pieces, to learn Bluemix and various Watson services.

Chapter 02
Setting up Bluemix and your laptop

Get your Bluemix ID, set up your laptop.

Chapter 03
Building your first Watson application

Create your first node-js app using the Watson speech to text service.

Chapter 04
Getting Watson to talk back

Using Speech to Text and Text to Speech.

Chapter 05
Understanding classifiers

Using Watson Natural Language Classifiers.

Chapter 06
Creating a custom dialog

Use the material from chapters 3-5 and build a custom dialog.

Chapter 07
Authentication: sessions, users, Cloudant and HTTPS

Using HTTPS on your local system and automatically changing to support Bluemix.

Chapter 08  Updated 
Understanding Watson Discovery News

Using Watson Discovery News to find information about specific companies, ensure that only company information is retrieved and include sentiment analysis in the process.

Chapter 09  Updated 
Visual Recognition and Images

Using the Visual Recognition APIs to classify images and find similar images.

Chapter 10
Watson Conversations

Using the Watson conversation service to create a self-learning dialog.

Chapter 11  Updated 
Watson Discovery

Using the Watson Discovery service and Document Conversion service.

Chapter 12
Getting Started on my Client Demo

Getting Started on my Client Demo.

Published 27 September 2017

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