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Meet the newest member of the IBM Z family

IBM z16


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IBM z16 (3931) Technical Guide

This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the features and functions of the latest member of the IBM Z® platform that was built with the IBM Telum processor: the IBM z16™ (machine type 3931)

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Flash storage

IBM FlashSystem 5200 Product Guide

This publication describes the IBM FlashSystem® 5200 solution, which is a next-generation IBM FlashSystem control enclosure.

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Would you like to join a team of experts, write an IBM Redbooks publication and earn an IBM Digital Badge? Find an upcoming residency and submit a nomination!

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IBM Tape Library Guide for Open Systems
Tape storage

08 December 2022, Redbooks

This IBM® Redbooks® publication presents a general introduction to the latest (current) IBM® tape and tape library technologies. Featured tape technologies include the IBM LTO Ultrium and Enterprise 3592 tape drives, and their implementation in IBM tape libraries. This 18th edition includes information about the latest IBM Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 9 tape drive, IBM TS4500 tape library, IBM ...

Using RDP with IBM FlashSystem to Debug Fibre Channel Optics Errors
Software Defined Storage

07 December 2022, Blueprint

The focus of this IBM® blueprint is to showcase the Read Diagnostic Parameters (RDP) feature of the Fibre Channel protocol (FCP). The data that is provided by RDP commands can simplify the process of managing and analyzing any issues on complex SAN fabrics. In this blueprint, we provide guidance to help users and administrators understand the meaning of RDP data and how to use it. The intent of ...

IBM ISV ZPDT Guide and Reference

06 December 2022, Draft Redbooks

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides both introductory information and technical details for ISV IBM zSystems Program Development Tool (IBM zPDT®), which produces a small IBM zSystems environment that is suitable for application development. ISV zPDT is a personal computer (PC) Linux application. When ISV zPDT is installed on Linux, normal IBM zSystems operating systems (such as IBM z/OS®) ...

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus: Protecting Red Hat OpenShift Containerized Environments
Storage Solutions

06 December 2022, Draft Redpaper

This IBM® Redpaper publication describes support for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform application data protection with IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus. It explains backup and restore operations for persistent volume data by using the Container Storage Interface (CSI) plug-in. The paper starts with an introduction and overview of containers and Red Hat OpenShift, followed by a quick review of the ...

IBM Power E1050: Technical Overview and Introduction
Power Systems

01 December 2022, Redpaper

This IBM® Redpaper publication is a comprehensive guide that covers the IBM Power E1050 server (9043-MRX) that uses the latest IBM Power10 processor-based technology and supports IBM AIX® and Linux operating systems (OSs). The goal of this paper is to provide a hardware architecture analysis and highlight the changes, new technologies, and major features that are being introduced in this system, ...

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