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IBM Redbooks RSS feeds are updated in real-time and help you stay up-to-date with most recent publications from the IBM Redbooks team. Our RSS feeds also let you easily add always-current Redbooks headlines to your Web site. If you use an RSS reader or aggregator, or want to incorporate our content into your own Web site, we invite you to use the IBM Redbooks RSS feeds below.

To subscribe to a feed, right-click one of the links below and copy and paste the feed link to your RSS reader client.

What is RSS?

RSS files are standard XML-based files that provide a means for syndicating and aggregating Web content. The files contain metadata commonly used to provide descriptive information about the content, context, and characteristics of data. Using RSS files, a data feed can be created that supplies headlines, links, and article summaries from a Web site. These files describe a channel of information that can include a logo, a site link, an input box, and multiple news items. Other Web sites can incorporate this information into their pages automatically or use the feeds to provide a site with current news headlines. These techniques allow distribution of up-to-date information for any given Web site.

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