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Readers of IBM Redbooks publications are familiar with their easy-to-use and view Adobe PDF format. Now, readers will have exciting new options for viewing them: IBM Redbooks are newly available in EPUB format for e-readers, including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Nook!

EPUB (short for electronic publication) is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). EPUB is designed for reflowable content, which allows the text display to be optimized for the devices used by readers, including smaller devices such as mobile phones. Users of these devices will be able to easily read and navigate Redbooks publications on any size screen. They will also be able to leverage all the handy e-book features their devices provide, such as viewing using touch screen, changing font sizes, bookmarking and more.

Three hundred of the latest IBM Redbooks publications are currently available for no-cost download in EPUB format on the IBM Redbooks website. They will also be available for free download from the Apple iBookstore in the near future. And moving forward, look for more future Redbooks publications to be available in EPUB format immediately upon publication.

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Latest IBM Redbooks available in epub icon EPUB format

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1. IBM Z Server Time Protocol Guide, SG24-8480-01
Redbooks, published 4 December 2023, Rating: (based on 3 reviews)
2. IBM z16 A02 and IBM z16 AGZ Technical Guide, SG24-8952-00
Redbooks, published 16 November 2023, last updated 30 November 2023
3. Cyber Resiliency with IBM Storage Sentinel and IBM Storage Safeguarded Copy, SG24-8541-00
Redbooks, published 18 October 2023, last updated 23 October 2023
4. IBM Storage FlashSystem 5200 Product Guide for IBM Storage Virtualize 8.6, REDP-5617-01
Redpapers, published 3 October 2023, last updated 10 October 2023
5. IBM Z Connectivity Handbook, SG24-5444-22
Redbooks, published 19 September 2023, last updated 30 October 2023
6. IBM Storage FlashSystem 9500 Product Guide for IBM Storage Virtualize 8.6, REDP-5669-01
Redpapers, published 14 September 2023, last updated 20 October 2023
7. IBM Storage as a Service Offering Guide, REDP-5644-01
Redpapers, published 31 August 2023
8. IBM TS7700 R5 DS8000 Object Store User's Guide, REDP-5583-02
Redpapers, published 30 August 2023, last updated 7 November 2023
9. IBM Virtual Machine Recovery Manager for IBM Power Cookbook, SG24-8539-00
Redbooks, published 17 August 2023
10. IBM Power Virtual Server Guide for IBM AIX and Linux, SG24-8512-00
Redbooks, published 10 August 2023, last updated 11 August 2023
11. Managing Electronic Health Records with Epic, IBM Storage FlashSystem, and IBM Storage Sentinel, REDP-5692-00
Redpapers, published 20 July 2023
12. Implementation Guide for IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud 8.5: For AWS and Azure Public Clouds, REDP-5671-00
Redpapers, published 19 July 2023
13. IBM Storage Virtualize, IBM Storage FlashSystem, and IBM SAN Volume Controller Security Feature Checklist - For IBM Storage Virtualize 8.5.3, REDP-5716-00
Redpapers, published 3 July 2023, last updated 10 October 2023
14. IBM Z Flexible Capacity for Cyber Resiliency, REDP-5702-00
Redpapers, published 30 June 2023
15. Implementation Guide for IBM Elastic Storage System 3500, SG24-8538-00
Redbooks, published 29 June 2023
16. Mainframe Application Modernization Patterns for Hybrid Cloud, SG24-8532-00
Redbooks, published 27 June 2023, last updated 30 June 2023
17. IBM Storage DS8000 Safeguarded Copy: Updated for DS8000 Release 9.3.2, REDP-5506-04
Redpapers, published 26 June 2023
18. Keeping Up With Security and Compliance on IBM Z, SG24-8540-00
Redbooks, published 23 June 2023
19. IBM Cloud Object Storage System Product Guide, SG24-8439-03
Redbooks, published 14 June 2023
20. Implementing, Tuning, and Optimizing Workloads with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power, SG24-8537-00
Redbooks, published 9 June 2023
21. IBM Storage Fusion HCI System: Metro Sync Disaster Recovery Use Case, REDP-5708-00
Redpapers, published 7 June 2023
22. IBM Storage Fusion Backup and Restore for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, REDP-5706-00
Redpapers, published 7 June 2023, last updated 24 October 2023
23. IBM Storage Fusion Product Guide, REDP-5688-00
Redpapers, published 22 May 2023, last updated 23 June 2023
24. IBM PowerHA SystemMirror and IBM VM Recovery Manager Solutions Updates, REDP-5694-00
Redpapers, published 11 May 2023, Rating: (based on 1 review)
25. Securely Leverage Open-Source Software with Python AI Toolkit for IBM z/OS, REDP-5709-00
Redpapers, published 10 May 2023
26. SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers: Hybrid Cloud Solution, REDP-5693-00
Redpapers, published 28 April 2023, last updated 2 May 2023
27. Security Implementation with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power Systems, REDP-5690-00
Redpapers, published 25 April 2023
28. IBM z16 Technical Introduction, SG24-8950-01
Redbooks, published 4 April 2023, last updated 11 October 2023
29. IBM Z Functional Matrix, REDP-5157-07
Redpapers, published 4 April 2023, last updated 11 October 2023
30. IBM Cloud Pak for Data on IBM Z, REDP-5695-00
Redguides, published 14 March 2023, last updated 11 July 2023