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IBM z14 Models (M01-M05) and the newest member of the z14 family, the z14 Model ZR1


No business, regardless of size, can ignore the effects of today’s digital transformation. IT organizations must provide a platform where data and transactions are always protected, available, delivered with speed, and infused with value. At a minimum, the platform should provide consistently high performance, allow for rapid application development and deployment, deliver real time insights, and secure all data.

The IBM z14 Models (M01-M05 and ZR1) are fast, scalable, securable, and adaptable state-of-the-art data and transaction platforms that deliver advanced capabilities. They can help you  accelerate your digital transformation by supporting highly secure cloud-based services, gaining insights from your data to improve the client experience, and fully protecting your data with encryption.

The IBM Redbooks team brings together expertise from around the world to help you understand the potential of the IBM IBM z14 Models (M01-M05 and ZR1), and guide you through the opportunities that this new technology brings to your digital business.

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