IBM Cloud Object Storage System Product Guide

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Published 07 July 2020, updated 13 July 2020

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IBM Form #: SG24-8439-01
(146 pages)

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Authors: Bradley Leonard, Hao Jia, Johan Verstrepen, Jussi Lehtinen, Lars Lauber, Patrik Jelinko, Vasfi Gucer


Object storage is the primary storage solution that is used in the cloud and on-premises solutions as a central storage platform for unstructured data. IBM® Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a software-defined storage platform that breaks down barriers for storing massive amounts of data by optimizing the placement of data on commodity x86 servers across the enterprise.

This IBM Redbooks® publication describes the major features, use case scenarios, deployment options, configuration details, initial customization, performance, and scalability considerations of IBM Cloud® Object Storage on-premises offering. For more information about the IBM Cloud Object Storage architecture and technology that is behind the product, see IBM Cloud Object Storage Concepts and Architecture: System Edition, REDP-5537.

The target audience for this publication is IBM Cloud Object Storage IT specialists and storage administrators.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. IBM Cloud Object Storage System overview
Chapter 2. Planning and sizing an IBM Cloud Object Storage System
Chapter 3. IBM Cloud Object Storage Gen2 hardware appliances
Chapter 4. Deployment options
Chapter 5. Initial setup and configuration
Chapter 6. Scalability

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