IBM i Technical Overview with Technology Refresh Updates

A draft IBM Redbooks publication

What's new with IBM i 7.1 TR 6 and TR 7


This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides a technical overview of the features, functions, and enhancements available in IBM i 7.1, including all the Technology Refresh (TR) levels from TR1 to TR7. It provides a summary and brief explanation of the many capabilities and functions in the operating system. It also describes many of the licensed programs and application development tools that are associated with IBM i.

The information provided in this book is useful for clients, IBM Business Partners, and IBM service professionals who are involved with planning, supporting, upgrading, and implementing IBM i 7.1 solutions.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM i 7.1 and Technology Refreshes
Chapter 2. Security enhancements
Chapter 3. Backup and recovery
Chapter 4. High availability
Chapter 5. IBM DB2 for i
Chapter 6. Performance tools
Chapter 7. Virtualization
Chapter 8. Storage and solid-state drives
Chapter 9. Networking enhancements
Chapter 10. Printing enhancements
Chapter 11. Integration with IBM BladeCenter and IBM System x
Chapter 12. IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i enhancements
Chapter 13. Web serving
Chapter 14. Web enablers
Chapter 15. Application development
Chapter 16. IBM Rational products
Chapter 17. IBM Navigator for i 7.1
Chapter 18. IBM i Access
Chapter 19. Miscellaneous enhancements
Chapter 20. Upgrading IBM i
Appendix A. IBM i Doctor for IBM i


These pages are Web versions of IBM Redbooks- and Redpapers-in-progress. They are published here for those who need the information now and may contain spelling, layout and grammatical errors.

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12 September 2014

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31 October 2014

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