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Cisco MDS 9132T 32G Fabric Switch for IBM Storage Networking Product Guide
Storage Networking

Product Guide, published 23 Jan 2018, last updated 23 Jan 2018

The next-generation Cisco MDS 9132T 32G Fibre Switch for IBM Storage Networking provides high-speed Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity from the server rack to the SAN core. It empowers small, midsize, and large enterprises to rapidly deploying cloud-scale applications using highly dense virtualized servers by providing dual benefit of higher bandwidth and consolidation. Small scale SAN architectures can be built by using a low cost, non-blocking, line rate, and low latency fixed stand-alone SAN switch that connects both storage and host ports. Medium to large-scale SAN architectures that are ... [more]

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Introduction to Storage Area Networks
Storage Networking

Redbooks, published 19 Dec 2017, last updated 23 Jan 2018

The superabundance of data that is created by today's businesses is making storage a strategic investment priority for companies of all sizes. As storage takes precedence, the following major initiatives emerge:

  • Flatten and converge your network: IBM® takes an open, standards-based approach to implement the latest advances in the flat, converged data center network designs of today. IBM Storage solutions enable clients to deploy a high-speed, low-latency Unified Fabric Architecture.
  • Optimize and automate virtualization: Advanced virtualization awareness reduces the cost ... [more]

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IBM Spectrum Scale: Big Data and Analytics Solution Brief
Software Defined Storage

Redguide, published 23 Jan 2018

This IBM® Redguide™ publication describes big data and analytics deployments that are built on IBM Spectrum Scale™. IBM Spectrum Scale is a proven enterprise-level distributed file system that is a high-performance and cost-effective alternative to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for Hadoop analytics services. IBM Spectrum Scale includes NFS, SMB, and Object services and meets the performance that is required by many industry workloads, such as technical computing, big data, analytics, and content management. IBM Spectrum Scale provides world-class, web-based storage management with ... [more]

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ABCs of IBM z/OS System Programming Volume 1
z Systems

Redbooks, published 7 Nov 2017, last updated 22 Jan 2018

The ABCs of IBM® z/OS® System Programming is a 13-volume collection that provides an introduction to the z/OS operating system and the hardware architecture. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced system programmer, the ABCs collection provides the information that you need to start your research into z/OS and related subjects. Whether you want to become more familiar with z/OS in your current environment, or you are evaluating platforms to consolidate your online business applications, the ABCs collection will serve as a powerful technical tool. Volume 1 provides an updated ... [more]

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Moving Microsoft Workloads to IBM Cloud

Redpaper, published 19 Jan 2018

This IBM® Redpaper™ offers a quick, yet comprehensive, guide to moving Microsoft applications to IBM Cloud. It provides questions and considerations that help to define the scope of the cloud project, including identifying the cost structure and performing workload assessment. The paper describes the solution architecture, specifically putting together the available options and functionality to build a cloud-ready solution. The paper explores the migration options and process, and discusses how to operate the application after it is ... [more]


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