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IBM Power Systems Private Cloud with Shared Utility Capacity featuring Power Enterprise Pools 2.0
Power Systems

Draft Redbooks, last updated 22 Sep 2020

This IBM® Redbooks® publication is a guide to IBM Power Private Cloud with Shared Utility Capacity featuring Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 (also known as PEP 2.0). This technology allows multiple servers in an to share base processor and memory resources, and draw upon pre-paid credits when the base is exceeded. Previously, the Shared Utility feature supported IBM Power System E950 (9040-MR9) and IBM Power System E980 (9080-M9S). It was extended in August 2020 to include the Scale-out Power Systems announced on 14th July 2020. The IBM Power System S922 (9009-22G), and IBM Power System S924 ... [more]

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Deployment and Usage Guide for Running AI Workloads on Red Hat OpenShift and NVIDIA DGX Systems with IBM Spectrum Scale

Draft Redpaper, last updated 21 Sep 2020

This IBM® Redpaper publication describes the architecture as well as the installation procedure and the results for running a typical training application working on an automotive dataset, in an orchestrated and secured environment, providing horizontal scalability of GPU resources across physical node boundaries for deep neural networks (DNN) workloads. This Redpaper is mostly relevant for system engineers, system administrators, or system architects responsible for data center infrastructure management and typical day-to-day operations such as system monitoring, operational control, asset ... [more]

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IBM z/OS Container Extensions (zCX) use cases

Draft Redbooks, last updated 18 Sep 2020

Is it time for you to modernize your IBM z/OS® applications to allow for access to an entire ecosystem of open source and Linux on IBM® Z workloads? Is co-location of these workloads on the z/OS platform with no porting requirements of value to you? Your existing open source or Linux on IBM Z® software can benefit from being co-located and managed inside a z/OS environment; leveraging z/OS quality of service for optimized business continuity. Your software can be integrated with and can help complement existing z/OS workloads and environments. If your software can communicate with z/OS and ... [more]

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Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z Installation Guide
Red Hat

Draft Redpaper, last updated 18 Sep 2020

This IBM® Redpaper provides all the necessary steps to successfully install Red Hat OpenShift 4.4 on IBM Z® or LinuxONE servers. It provides an introduction to OpenShift nodes, Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS and Ansible.

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Introducing IBM Z System Recovery Boost

Draft Redpaper, last updated 15 Sep 2020

In this IBM® Redpaper publication, we introduce System Recovery Boost, which is a new function of the IBM z15™. System Recovery Boost delivers substantially faster system shutdown, restart, and catching up with accumulated backlog of work after a restart.


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