Implementing IBM FlashSystem 840

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Implementing IBM FlashSystem 840


Almost all technological components in the data center are getting faster; central processing units, network, storage area networks (SAN), and memory. All of them have improved their speed by a minimum of 10X; some of them by 100X, for example, data networks. However, spinning disk performance has only increased by 1.2 times.

Fortunately, flash storage has come along and closed the gap between the other improvements in server technology and storage. Using the IBM® FlashSystem™ 840 provides value that goes beyond those benefits that are seen on disk-based arrays. These benefits include better user experience, server and application consolidation, development cycle reduction, application scalability, data center footprint savings, and improved price performance economics.

This IBM Redbooks® publication introduces clients to the newest member of the IBM FlashSystem™ products: the IBM FlashSystem 840. It will provide in-depth knowledge of the product architecture, software and hardware, its implementation, and hints and tips. Also illustrated are use cases that show real-world solutions for tiering, flash-only, and preferred read, as well as examples of the benefits gained by integrating the FlashSystem storage into business environments.

Also described are product integration scenarios running the FlashSystem 840 with the IBM SAN Volume Controller, and the IBM PureFlex® System and the IBM Storwize® V7000 considerations when integrating with the FlashSystem 840. The preferred practice guidance is provided for your FlashSystem environment with IBM 16 Gbps b-type products and features, focusing on Fibre Channel design.

This book is intended for pre-sales and post-sales technical support professionals and storage administrators, and for anyone who wants to understand and learn how to implement this new and exciting technology.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. FlashSystem storage introduction
Chapter 2. IBM FlashSystem 840 architecture
Chapter 3. Planning
Chapter 4. Installation and configuration
Chapter 5. IBM FlashSystem 840 client host attachment and implementation
Chapter 6. Using the IBM FlashSystem 840
Chapter 7. Configuring settings
Chapter 8. Product integration
Chapter 9. Use cases and solution
Chapter 10. Hints and tips
Appendix A. SAN preferred practices for 16 Gbps


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18 April 2014

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12 May 2014

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