Problem Determination for Linux on System z

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This IBM Redbooks publication addresses some of the common problems that customers have experienced on the Linux® on System z™ platform. This book provides a problem determination methodology and tools to help the reader diagnose the problem in an easy-to-read self-help manual.

We start with a discussion on how to approach problem solving in the Linux on System z environment and continue on to describe some of the problem determination tools commonly used for z/VM and Linux on system z. We continue with discussions on network problem determination, performance problem determination, and storage problems.

Additionally, we discuss the formation of eligible (or eligibility) lists.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Problem determination methodology
Chapter 2. Problem determination tools for z/VM
Chapter 3. Problem determination tools for Linux on System z
Chapter 4. Network problem determination
Chapter 5. Performance problem determination
Chapter 6. Storage problems
Chapter 7. Eligibility lists
Chapter 8. Hardware-related problems
Chapter 9. Installation and setup problems
Chapter 10. Booting problems
Chapter 11. Case study: slow responding Web site


Publish Date
25 August 2008

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