Building 360-Degree Information Applications

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Today’s businesses, applications, social media, and online transactions generate more data than ever before. This data can be explored and analyzed to provide tremendous business value. IBM® Watson™ Explorer and IBM InfoSphere® Master Data Management (InfoSphere MDM) enable organizations to simultaneously explore and derive insights from enterprise data that was traditionally stored in “silos” in enterprise applications, different data repositories, and in different data formats.

Applications developed using Watson Explorer and InfoSphere MDM identify data relationships across these silos, unlocking the business value that is inherent in a unified, 360-degree view of the information related to business entities, such as application users, customers, products, and so on.

This IBM Redbooks® publication provides information about IBM Watson Explorer, IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management, and IBM InfoSphere MDM Probabilistic Matching Engine for InfoSphere BigInsights™ (PME for BigInsights). It gives an overview, describes the architecture, and presents use cases that you can use to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Understand the core capabilities of Watson Explorer, InfoSphere MDM, and PME for BigInsights.
  • Realize the full potential of Watson Explorer applications.
  • Describe the integration and value of the combination of Watson Explorer and InfoSphere MDM.
  • Build a 360-degree information application.
  • Learn by example by following hands-on lab scenarios.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to 360-degree information applications
Chapter 2. IBM Watson Explorer overview
Chapter 3 IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management overview
Chapter 4. Planning a 360-degree information application
Chapter 5. Lab scenario overview
Chapter 6. Installation and initial configuration
Chapter 7 Building a golden record
Chapter 8. Preparing the data for Data Explorer Application Builder
Chapter 9. Creating an application with Application Builder
Chapter 10 IBM InfoSphere MDM Probabilistic Matching Engine for BigInsights
Appendix A. Additional material


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