IBM z/OS V2R2: Storage Management and Utilities

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 15 December 2015, updated 17 December 2015

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ISBN-10: 0738441287
ISBN-13: 9780738441283
IBM Form #: SG24-8289-00
(90 pages)

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Authors: Keith Winnard, Natalia Barros, Jose Gilberto Biondo Jr, Jaqueline Mourao, Alvaro Salla, Ewerton Waki


This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you to become familiar with the technical changes that were introduced into the Storage Management and Utilities areas with IBM z/OS V2R2.

This book is one of a series of IBM Redbooks that take a modular approach to providing information about the updates that are included with z/OS V2R2. This approach has the following goals:

- Provide modular content
- Group the technical changes into a topic
- Provide a more streamlined way of finding relevant information that is based on the topic

We hope you find this approach useful and we welcome your feedback.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. DFSMSdfp
Chapter 2. DFSMShsm
Chapter 3. DFSMSrmm
Chapter 4. DFSORT
Chapter 5. Virtual Storage Access Method
Chapter 6. Catalogs and IDCAMS

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