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Hybrid Cloud Data and API Integration: Integrate Your Enterprise and Cloud with Bluemix Integration Services

An IBM Redbooks publication


IBM® Hybrid Integration Services is a set of hybrid cloud capabilities in IBM Bluemix™ that allows businesses to innovate rapidly while, at the same time, providing IT control and visibility. It allows customers to quickly and easily build and operate systems that mix data and application programming interfaces (APIs) from a wide variety of sources, whether they reside on-premises or in the cloud.

In many cases, you want to expose your IT assets from your private cloud as APIs and at the same time have best overall manageability and control of who uses your assets and how.

Bluemix provides a set of services such as Secure Gateway, API Management, Connect and Compose, DataWorks, and API Catalog, which enable Hybrid Cloud Integration capabilities. This IBM Redbooks® publication provides preferred practices around developing cloud solutions using these Hybrid Integration Services that help you maintain data consistency, manageability, and security for critical transactions.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction to hybrid cloud concepts and products
Chapter 1. Introduction to hybrid clouds
Chapter 2. Hybrid cloud architectures: Three pillars of integration
Chapter 3. Introduction to IBM provided hybrid cloud services and products
Part 2. Hybrid cloud scenarios with IBM Bluemix
Chapter 4. Connecting to an enterprise database of record
Chapter 5. Connecting IBM Containers with on-premises Docker
Chapter 6. Connecting Bluemix applications to your local (on-premises) enterprise SAP system
Chapter 7. Exposing CICS transactions with z/OS Connect
Chapter 8. Watson Analytics in hybrid cloud using Secure Gateway and DataWorks
Chapter 9. Mobile hybrid scenario: Secure Gateway, Connect & Compose, and DataWorks
Appendix A. Additional material


Publish Date
17 November 2015

Last Update
19 February 2016

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