JES3 to JES2 Migration Considerations

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 09 December 2014

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ISBN-10: 0738440159
ISBN-13: 9780738440156
IBM Form #: SG24-8083-00
(234 pages)

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Authors: Frank Kyne, Karan Singh, Bruce Dennis, Brad Habbershaw, John A. O'Leary, John Unterholzner, Tom Wasik


This book deals with the migration from JES3 to JES2. Part One describes this decision. Part Two describes the steps and considerations of this migration.

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides information to help clients that have JES3 and would like to migrate to JES2. It provides a comprehensive list of the differences between the two job entry subsystems and provides information to help you determine the migration effort and actions.

The book is aimed at operations personnel, system programmers, and application developers.

Table of contents

Part 1. The decision to migrate from JES3 to JES2
Chapter 1. How JES2 works
Chapter 2. Terminology differences
Chapter 3. Differences between JES2 and JES3 are becoming smaller
Chapter 4. JECL and JCL differences
Chapter 5. Migration considerations
Part 2. Details of the migration
Chapter 6. Planning for a JES3 to JES2 migration
Chapter 7. JES procs and initialization decks
Chapter 8. User exits
Chapter 9. Operational considerations
Chapter 10. Related products
Chapter 11. Security considerations
Chapter 12. Workload Manager considerations
Chapter 13. Performance and throughput considerations
Chapter 14. Output processing
Chapter 15. NJE considerations
Chapter 16. Accounting and chargeback considerations
Chapter 17. Availability considerations
Appendix A. Sample JES3 exit to analyze JECL usage
Appendix B. Comparison of JES3 and JES2 commands

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