Architect's Guide to IBM CICS on System z

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IBM® CICS® Transaction Server (CICS TS) has been available in various guises for over 40 years, and continues to be one of the most widely used pieces of commercial software. This IBM Redbooks® publication helps application architects discover the value of CICS Transaction Server to their business.

This book can help architects understand the value and capabilities of CICS Transaction Server and the CICS tools portfolio. The book also provides detailed guidance on the leading practices for designing and integrating CICS applications within an enterprise, and the patterns and techniques you can use to create CICS systems that provide the qualities of service that your business requires.

Table of contents

Part 1. Why CICS
Chapter 1. Business value of CICS
Chapter 2. CICS capabilities
Part 2. Developing CICS applications
Chapter 3. CICS application architecture
Chapter 4. CICS application modernization
Chapter 5. Application development lifecycle
Chapter 6. Exploring the CICS development tools
Part 3. CICS system design
Chapter 7. High availability and continuous operation
Chapter 8. Scalability and workload management
Chapter 9. Security and auditing
Part 4. Appendix and related publications
Appendix A. Supported standards


Publish Date
20 November 2012

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