i5/OS on eServer p5 Models A Guide to Planning, Implementation, and Operation

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The IBM eServer p5 servers with POWER5 technology provide leading-edge virtualization capabilities, and enable highly adaptive and efficient operations to help businesses excel in an on demand world. With the flexibility to support an extensive range of applications without compromising system responsiveness, flexibility, and affordability, the eServer p5 servers allow clients to use technology to innovate business, capture new value, and improve productivity.

At the core of the eServer p5 servers are the operating systems and partitioning capabilities, which provide a streamlined framework for server consolidation. With the availability of IBM i5/OS V5R3 on selected eServer p5 servers, clients who wish to consolidate onto a UNIX platform now have options for running AIX, Linux, and i5/OS.

While many clients have taken steps towards simplifying their environments by consolidating servers into fewer physical boxes, the ability to run i5/OS on selected eServer p5 servers is the next step beyond systems consolidation in the pursuit of infrastructure simplification.

IBM i5/OS on eServer p5 servers is intended for clients with a relatively small amount of i5/OS applications, whose focus and IT strategy are centered on UNIX.

This IBM Redbooks publication provides an introduction to i5/OS, and explains the technical requirements for implementing IBM i5/OS partitions on IBM eServer p5 servers. It is intended for AIX administrators with minimal i5/OS experience, who are familiar with partitioning, and have a general understanding of virtualization concepts.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. An introduction to i5/OS
Chapter 2. Planning for i5/OS partitions on eServer p5 servers
Chapter 3. i5/OS partition configuration on an eServer p5
Chapter 4. Installation of i5/OS on an eServer p5
Chapter 5. Troubleshooting i5/OS installation problems
Chapter 6. Basic i5/OS user tasks
Chapter 7. System management of the i5/OS partitions on an eServer p5
Chapter 8. Problem determination for i5/OS on eServer p5
Appendix A. Installation media information 261


Publish Date
17 March 2005

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24 March 2005

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