Scaling BPM Adoption: From Project to Program with IBM Business Process Manager

An IBM Redbooks publication


Your first Business Process Management (BPM) project is a crucial first step on your BPM journey. It is important to begin this journey with a philosophy of change that allows you to avoid common pitfalls that lead to failed BPM projects, and ultimately, poor BPM adoption. This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the methodology and best practices that lead to a successful project and how to use that success to scale to enterprise-wide BPM adoption. This updated edition contains a new chapter on planning a BPM project.

The intended audience for this book includes all people who participate in the discovery, planning, delivery, deployment, and continuous improvement activities for a business process. These roles include process owners, process participants, subject matter experts (SMEs) from the operational business, and technologists responsible for delivery, including BPM analysts, BPM solution architects, BPM administrators, and BPM developers.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Business scenario used in this book
Chapter 3. Process discovery
Chapter 4. Planning a BPM project
Chapter 5. Implementing a BPM project
Chapter 6. Deploying a process
Chapter 7. Managing a process
Chapter 8. Business process governance


Publish Date
29 March 2012

Last Update
04 October 2012

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