IBM Optim Performance Manager for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

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Published 13 February 2011, updated 22 April 2011

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ISBN-10: 0738435163
ISBN-13: 9780738435169
IBM Form #: SG24-7925-00
(526 pages)

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Authors: Whei-Jen Chen, Ute Baumbach, Robert Borovsky, Sonali Kenge, Marcia Miskimen, Ling Xu


Optim™ Performance Manager Extended Edition, a follow-on to DB2® Performance Expert, is one of the key products of the IBM® Optim Solution. Optim Performance Manager Extended Edition provides a comprehensive, proactive performance management approach. It helps organizations resolve emergent database problems before they impact the business.

This IBM Redbooks® publication describes the architecture and components of Optim Performance Manager Extended Edition. We provide information for planning the deployment of Optim Performance Manager and detail steps for successful installation, activation, and configuration of Optim Performance Manager and the Extended Insight client.

Optim Performance Manager delivers a new paradigm in terms of how it is used to monitor and manage database and database application performance issues. We describe individual product dashboards and reports and discuss, with various scenarios, how they can be used to identify, diagnose, prevent, and solve database performance problems.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Optim Performance Manager overview
Chapter 2. Planning
Chapter 3. Installing and configuring Optim Performance Manager
Chapter 4. Getting to know Optim Performance Manager
Chapter 5. Monitoring I/O utilization
Chapter 6. Monitoring CPU and memory usage
Chapter 7. Analyzing locking problems
Chapter 8. Extended Insight analysis
Chapter 9. Troubleshooting failing transactions alert
Chapter 10. Integration with Tivoli monitoring components
Chapter 11. Workload Manager configuration tool
Chapter 12. Monitoring SAP environments
Appendix A. Managing repository server and repository database
Appendix B. Optim Performance Manager footprint

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