SMF Logstream Mode: Optimizing the New Paradigm

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This IBM® Redbooks® publication positions the use of System Logger log streams as a repository for System Management Facilities (SMF) data against the previous use of Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) data sets for SMF data. This book expands on existing material by covering not just the implementation steps, but also by looking at how you use SMF data today, and using that information to help you identify the most appropriate repository for your SMF data.

If it transpires that log streams are appropriate for some or all of your SMF data, this book provides all the guidance that you are likely to require for a successful migration to this new paradigm.

The target audience for this document is system programmers and anyone who uses SMF data.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Understanding your environment
Chapter 3. Migration approaches
Chapter 4. Planning
Chapter 5. Implementation
Appendix A. Relative capacity measurements
Appendix B. Important command and message changes
Appendix C. Considerations for systems without APAR OA34589
Appendix D. Changing log stream attributes
Appendix E. Additional material


Publish Date
04 February 2011

Last Update
10 February 2011

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