PowerHA for AIX Cookbook

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This IBM® Redbooks® publication will help you install, tailor, and configure the new PowerHA™ Version 5.5, and understand new and improved features such as WebSMIT gateway, non-disruptive migrations, C-SPOC enhancements, and Disaster Recovery (DR) configurations, such as GLVM in asynchronous mode.

This publication provides a broad understanding of the PowerHA and PowerHA Extended Distance (PowerHA/XD) architecture. If you plan to install, migrate, or administer a high availability cluster, this book is right for you. Disaster recovery elements and how PowerHA fulfills these necessities are also presented in detail.

This cookbook is designed to help AIX® professionals that are seeking a comprehensive and task-oriented guide for developing the knowledge and skills required for PowerHA cluster design and implementation as well as for daily system administration. It is designed to provide a combination of theory and practical experience.

This book will be especially useful for system administrators currently running PowerHA or PowerHA Extended Distance (XD) clusters who might want to consolidate their environment and move to new PowerHA Version 5.5.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction
Chapter 1. Introduction to PowerHA for AIX
Chapter 2. High availability components
Part 2. Planning, installation, and migration
Chapter 3. Planning
Chapter 4. Installation and configuration
Chapter 5. Migrating a cluster to PowerHA V5.5
Part 3. Cluster administration
Chapter 6. Cluster maintenance
Chapter 7. Cluster management
Chapter 8. Cluster security
Part 4. Advanced topics (with examples)
Chapter 9. Virtualization and PowerHA
Chapter 10. Extending resource group capabilities
Chapter 11. Customizing events
Chapter 12. Storage related considerations
Chapter 13. Networking considerations
Part 5. Disaster recovery
Chapter 14. PowerHA Extended Distance concepts and planning
Chapter 15. PowerHA with cross-site LVM mirroring
Chapter 16. PowerHA/XD and SVC copy services
Chapter 17. GLVM concepts and configuration
Appendix A. Paper planning worksheets


Publish Date
13 August 2009

Last Update
23 August 2010

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