Powering SOA Solutions with IMS

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New application development tools and the IBM® service-oriented architecture capabilities for IMS™ can help your business improve the speed and agility of its development efforts. Both IMS and the IMS SOA Integration Suite support your on demand systems and your distributed IMS application environment.

Powering SOA Solutions with IMS provides background and explanations to clarify the choices and methodologies that are available to modernize your IMS applications and provide access to IMS data stores through non-traditional callers.

Table of contents

Part 1. SOA and IMS: A powerful business combination
Chapter 1. SOA and IMS: The big picture
Chapter 2. Development phases of IMS SOA projects
Chapter 3. SOA Tooling
Part 2. Creating, deploying, and managing IMS services
Chapter 4. Example of deploying an IMS Service
Chapter 5. Securing IMS services
Chapter 6. Problem management for IMS services
Chapter 7. Performance considerations for IMS Services
Part 3. SOA enhancements in IMS and the IMS SOA Integration Suite
Chapter 8. IMS SOA enhancements
Chapter 9. IMS Connect and IMS Connect Extensions
Chapter 10. The IMS SOAP Gateway
Chapter 11. The IMS TM Resource Adapter
Chapter 12. MFS Web solutions
Chapter 13. IMS Web 2.0 Solution
Chapter 14. DLIModel Utility, DB Web Services, and XQuery
Chapter 15. IMS Open Database and Universal Drivers
Part 4. DataPower solutions for IMS
Chapter 16. Using DataPower with IMS
Appendix A. Sample code snippets


Publish Date
30 March 2009

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