IBM System Storage N series and Digital Video Surveillance

An IBM Redbooks publication


In this IBM® Redbooks publication, we introduce Digital Video Surveillance (DVS) and the role that IBM plays in this industry. We provide the benefits of and define the role of the IBM System Storage™ N series in the DVS solution. We also include an example DVS application software installation and how it operates with the N series storage system.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM System Storage N series
Chapter 2. Introduction to Digital Video Surveillance
Chapter 3. Benefits of the IBM System Storage N series in the digital video surveillance solution
Chapter 4. Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server software
Chapter 5. Our environment
Chapter 6. Preparing the N series for Digital Video Surveillance
Chapter 7. Setting up the Digital Video Surveillance Solution
Chapter 8. DVS operations with N series
Chapter 9. Exploiting N series features and DVS
Chapter 10. Administering DVS data with N series
Appendix A. SnapDrive for UNIX on a Linux host


Publish Date
23 October 2008

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