Introduction to Workload Partition Management in IBM AIX Version 6.1

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This IBM Red paper books publication presents Workload Partitions (WPARs), a set of completely new software-based system virtualization features introduced in IBM AIX Version 6.1.
Adding WPARs to the AIX operating system provides a new level of system virtualization capability. WPARs complement the already existing AIX and System p virtualization features, by allowing:

- The partitioning of an AIX instance into multiple environments, each hosting applications and providing isolation from applications executing in the other environments
- The ability to checkpoint and restart execution of applications without modification of the application code
- The capability to relocate a live application into a different AIX instance, whether it is hosted in an LPAR of the same physical server or executing on a different physical server
- Fine-grained control of resource utilization by each application executing within an AIX instance

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction and planning
Chapter 1. Introduction to workload partition technology in AIX 6
Chapter 2. Understanding and planning for WPARs
Part 2. Using WPARs: Management and operation
Chapter 3. Overview of WPAR management tools
Chapter 4. State management
Chapter 5. System administration tasks
Chapter 6. IBM WPAR Manager for AIX
Chapter 7. Resource control
Chapter 8. Device management
Part 3. Appendixes
Appendix A. Modified AIX commands


Publish Date
15 November 2007

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