VMware VI3 on BladeCenter and System x Integrated with System i

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IBM® i integration with BladeCenter® and System x™ allows businesses to operate heterogeneous environments that include Intel®-compatible servers running VMware® ESX Server in addition to core business applications on the IBM i platform. VMware ESX Server is the host server for abstracting processor, memory, storage and networking resources of a physical server into multiple virtual machines. The ESX Server is part of the VMware Infrastructure.

Implementing VMware Infrastructure 3 with System i® integration with BladeCenter and System x brings together the strengths of System i along with the benefits that VMware Infrastructure 3 brings to the BladeCenter and System x.

This IBM Redbooks® publication presents some of the reasons for considering implementing VMware Infrastructure 3 through System i integration with BladeCenter and System x and guides you through the following important topics:
-- Planning and installation VMware Infrastructure 3 via System i integration with BladeCenter and System x
-- Summary of VMware Infrastructure 3 advanced capabilities
-- Backup and recovery
-- Managing integrated ESC server
-- Administration and management of a VMware infrastructure
-- Migration

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Planning and sizing
Chapter 3. Installation
Chapter 4. VMware Infrastructure 3 advanced capabilities with shared storage support of i5/OS
Chapter 5. Backup and recovery
Chapter 6. Managing integrated ESX Server
Chapter 7. Virtual Machine administration
Chapter 8. Migration

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Publish Date
22 September 2008

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