Mastering DynaCache in WebSphere Commerce

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Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.

Published 29 December 2006, updated 27 February 2008

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ISBN-10: 0738489522
ISBN-13: 9780738489520
IBM Form #: SG24-7393-00
(298 pages)

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Authors: Peter Swithinbank, Nadir Anwer, Judy Chan, Darl Crick, Cyrus Tishan Mills, Craig Oakley, Jennifer Schachter, Jianwei Song, Kevin Tobin, Jacob Vandergoot


This IBM® IBM Redbooks publication describes how to use WebSphere® DynaCache to improve the performance of WebSphere Commerce Web sites.

Today’s Web sites are a demanding mixture of static images surrounded by mini-shopping carts, e-marketing spots, and other eye-catching fragments, all of which change from view to view and user to user. Sites must be richly featured and personalized to attract customers – and they must deliver this content at a high level of performance as well. But the richness and personalization customers want is often the enemy of good Web site performance.

DynaCache technology gives Web site developers a robust tool for achieving excellent Web site performance. It can be applied retrospectively to existing Web sites whose performance is not meeting the owning company’s requirements. It is even better applied from the beginning of a J2EE™ Web project, and will yield performance gains well beyond those achieved at a comparable cost by adding more hardware or rewriting the solution.

This book leads you through an explanation of what caching is, and what is special about caching Web sites. It then describes the capabilities offered by WebSphere DynaCache and how to most effectively make use of those capabilities. The discussion is enhanced by practical examples and tutorials to help you configure DynaCache and implement a sample WebSphere Commerce store. Finally, the book describes how to approach benchmarking for an online store, and how to quantify the effectiveness of a dynamic caching policy on site performance. It also presents a case study of a real-world Web site problem that was turned around by an IBM team applying DynaCache technology.

Table of contents

Part 1: Web site caching
Chapter 1: Web site performance
Chapter 2: Caching
Chapter 3: DynaCache invalidation
Chapter 4: Caching strategy
Chapter 5: Clustering DynaCache
Chapter 6 Advanced topics
Chapter 7: FAQs
Part 2: DynaCache implementation
Chapter 8: DynaCache tutorial
Chapter 9: Benchmarking DynaCache
Chapter 10: Case study: an anti-pattern
Chapter 11: Seven steps to get started caching your WebSphere Commerce Web site
Appendix A: Web services caching
Appendix B Caching in WebSphere Extended Deployment
Appendix C: Sales Center caching

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