Java Stand-alone Applications on z/OS Volume II

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This IBM Redbooks publication is the second book in a series of two about Java stand-alone applications on z/OS. We recommend using this document as a complement to Java stand-alone Applications on z/OS Volume I, SG24-7177.
This book explains some topics discussed in Volume 1 in more depth, and also provides information about additional topics. It pays special attention to JZOS, a newly integrated function in the z/OS SDKs that can be used to run Java batch jobs and perform I/O.
This document also features other interesting topics, such as the use of Eclipse and WebSphere Developer for zSeries for integrated development of stand-alone Java applications, Java Native Interface (JNI), the new Java Virtual Machine Tool Interface (JVMTI) and problem determination with SDK 5 on z/OS.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Java on z/OS - The basics
Chapter 3. Job management using JZOS
Chapter 4. Java development and job management with Eclipse
Chapter 5. Using WebSphere Developer for zSeries
Chapter 6. Java Native Interface (JNI)
Chapter 7. I/O using JZOS toolkit api
Chapter 8. Java problem determination
Chapter 9. Java Virtual Machine Tool Interface
Appendix A. Additional material


Publish Date
18 December 2006

Last Update
05 February 2007

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